Jay Leno Reduces Kathy Griffin to Tears

A video clip has resurfaced that exposes comedian Kathy Griffin as a massive hypocrite. In the clip, Griffin is being interviewed by none other than Rosie O’Donnell. At one point, Kathy Griffin breaks down while recalling a joke made Jay Leno.

Kathy Griffin Can’t Handle Jay Leno’s Joke

Griffin has admitted herself that she has made a living for years as an “insult comic,” with her brand of comedy consisting of her telling nasty stories about celebrities that typically paint them in a negative light.

Though Griffin can dish out insults like nobody’s business, the video below shows that she can’t take them herself.

Apparently, talk show host Jay Leno once made her cry simply by implying that she is not very pretty.

In the clip below, Griffin breaks down as she laments that when she showed Leno a picture of herself with Carmen Electra, he made a joke suggesting that the comedian was not as pretty as Electra is.

To be fair, Electra is widely known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, so most women would not be able to measure up to her physically.

In fact, the joke that Leno makes sounds a lot like something Griffin would say about a female celebrity in one of her own acts.

When Griffin is targeted with a joke like this, however, she can’t take it and breaks down in tears. This is unreal. Just watch.

She Loves To Play The Victim

In the years since this clip was filmed, we’ve all seen just how much Kathy Griffin likes to play the victim.

Ever since she posed for a photo with the severed head of President Donald Trump, Griffin has been whining about how she has been “victimized” by everyone from Trump supporters to the Secret Service over the image.

She has completely ignored the fact that threats on the president’s life have always been taken seriously, regardless of who is in office.

Instead, the so-called comedian has tried to make it look like she’s been unfairly targeted by crazed rightwing lunatics.

In both the clip and how she handled her self-inflicted Trump scandal, Kathy Griffin made it clear that she can dish it but not take it. The D-lister can’t seem to take any form of criticism at all.

She wants to be able to say whatever nasty thing she thinks of other people, but when it comes to herself, she can’t take even the smallest of negative comments.

That’s why in the eyes of so many, Griffin perfectly epitomizes what it is to be a modern-day Hollywood hypocrite.


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