When A Little Hero Dog Dies, 2 Marines Take His Tiny Casket And Carry Him Home

The United States Marine Corps is one of the most elite military branches in the world, and this includes both its human Marines and its working dogs….

Kevin Costner Sues “The View” For Ha te Speech

Yoυ’ɾe ceɾtɑinlү fɑmiliɑɾ with the nɑme Keѵin Costneɾ. He’s been ɑ fɾiendlү ρɑɾt of үoυɾ Hollүwood enteɾtɑinment since Bυll Dυɾhɑm, ɾisinց eѵen moɾe to stɑɾ in clɑssics…

Prayers needed for Rod Stewart

Prayers are needed for Rod Stewart. He was diagnosed with… Sir Rod Stewart is a legendary British rock and pop legend. Having sold over 250 million records…

Girls Freeze During Soccer Game As Everyone Hears The Unmistakable Sound Of The National Anthem (VIDEO)

Parents at a high school soccer game were initially confused when every player on the field stopped playing and turned towards the left side of the field….

Husband Leaves Wife & Child for Younger Woman, Years Later Daughter Becomes His Boss — Story of the Day

A young girl is distraught to see her mom in tears after finding out that her dad had left them for a younger woman. She promises to…

Mom says she’s allowed to snoop through her kids’ phones because she pays for them

A mom has recently divided the internet after she said she’s allowed to snoop through her kids’ phones because she is the one that pays for them….

Devoted Husband of 64 Years Asks Wife to Be His Valentine: ‘You Make My World Go Round’

Magical moments aren’t only reserved for fairytales; one couple proved it. An adorable video of their adoration for each other went viral and inspired thousands of comments….

4 Friends Promise to Meet in 40 Years, 3 Men Show Up and Find Note Saying, ‘I’m Not Coming’ – Story of the Day

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Terrible News About The Beloved Actor Sylvester Stallone

The well-known Sylvester Stallone actor has announced that there has been an incident during the “Rocky IV” shooting, where some serious blows by Dolph Lundgren. He was…

Remembering your childhood from the 60s and 70s with pictures

A nostalgic video from the 1960s and early 1970s has emerged from the internet to bring back memories with classic pictures. All the images are set to…