Young man walks 20 miles to get to first day of work then sees company’s CEO waiting with a surprise…

The younger generations are often preaching about the importance of the «hustle» lifestyle, but I don’t believe any of us can compete with this guy. Introduce yourself to Walter Carr, a young guy from Alabama who was going to be late for his first day of employment.

He’d just recently started this work and was determined to keep it.

His legs are in full working order. He was able to walk. Walter had come from Homewood, and his first day on the job had been in Pelham. That’s 20 miles all over again.

Walter stuck to his strategy, no matter how absurd it seemed. He slept for four hours and prepared for his trip. It was time for him to get up by midnight.

He began walking and didn’t turn around.
Knowing how hard the terrain may be, he wore Nike joggers.

After a few hours of walking, Walter came face to face with a police officer. The police asked as to his whereabouts and why he was traveling on foot. The young guy informed him that he was on his way to work in Pelham, which was a long distance away.

This was enough to get the officer’s attention.

Walter was given breakfast by the officer, who also gave him a ride to Pelham.
Walter was now exactly where he needed to be. The officer escorted him to the residence where the movers had been called. It was the Lamey family, and they were surprised when they answered the door a few hours before the movers were scheduled to arrive. It was Walter and the police officer that were involved.

A police officer informed them about «this wonderful boy» who had travelled 20 miles from his home in Homewood to his town of Pelham.
It was an unusual method to introduce the newcomer, but any other approach would have been inadequate to do him honor. Jenny Hayden Lamey was completely taken aback by Walter’s determination (as well as his stamina, of course) while on the job.

«It was about 6:30 a.m. when the doorbell rang. It was a member of the police force. In the next conversation, he informed us that he had picked up ‘this wonderful youngster’ in Pelham at an early hour of the morning. The favorite of the group. Walter informed us that he was scheduled to assist us with our relocation today.»

Walter was hired as a moving business bellhop by Bellhops, a moving firm.
His first day at his new work was a disaster, to say the least.

Walter’s car broke down the night before his first day of work.
Talk about the most inconvenient of circumstances.

His final location was around 20 miles distant. If any of us were in his shoes, it would be difficult to remain positive.

Walter, on the other hand, did the exact opposite. He was absolutely set on getting to his new work, no matter what it took. The young guy has a determination that few others possessed.

She welcomed him inside the house and showed him around. Jenny offered to let Walter take a break upstairs, but he politely declined the offer.

The young guy had come here to work, and that was exactly what he intended to do. This determination and hardworking attitude were nothing to be sneered at at the time.

This was the company Walter had anticipated, and they didn’t waste any time in getting to work. Jenny found it to be really touching and moving (no pun intended).

Jenny’s family wasn’t the only ones who admired Walter’s efforts; many others did as well. When their car breaks down, not everyone has the option of walking the 20 miles to their place of employment.

Luke Marklin, the CEO of Bellhops, had the opportunity to meet with Walter personally.
He made him aware that the excursion was significant and that it revealed something about Walter’s personality.

Any person who would go to such lengths to complete his duties deserves particular recognition. Hey, Walter, I believe you indicated that your car had broken down. Would a new car potentially help some of your troubles, do you think so?

Walter now has a 2014 Ford Escape, thanks to Marklin. Walter couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

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