Whoopi Goldberg Goes After Media Outlets Sharing Her Private Info on ‘The View’: “You Don’t Have the Right to Have This”

Whoopi Goldberg‘s business stays Whoopi Goldberg’s business. The View co-host railed against the media and the internet for sharing private details about her life on this morning’s show, expressing frustration that her age, birthday and full name are splashed all over multiple websites.

The conversation was sparked by news that IMDb will now allow industry professionals to choose not to disclose their age or birth name on the film and television database in an agreement with GLAAD and SAG-AFTRA. Goldberg was initially blasé about the development, insisting, “I don’t care,” but it quickly became clear she cared a little more than she let on.

She continued, “All that information is out there. I don’t like that it says, well, ‘they’ve agreed to allow industry professionals.’ You haven’t agreed to allow me to do anything. I asked you not to print it, and you printed it anyway. Why am I happy that 40 years later you’ve made a change?”

Sunny Hostin pointed out that women’s ages often get flagged more than men, but Goldberg countered, “they do it to everybody.”

“Don’t print my personal information,” she continued. “If I don’t ask you to print it, why are you doing it? Cause you think you have the right. This is the point that, for me, unless you can fix that, explaining to people that you don’t have the right to have this information unless I share it with you,” she paused to collect herself, before adding, “I’m sure this is great for other people. I’m just bitching because I’m old.”

Joy Behar then recounted an instance “years ago” when she was interviewed for a story with People magazine and asked them not to print her age. She claimed that the magazine told her they would find her age anyway through the DMV.

“It’s out of your hands,” she said. “It’s absolutely sinful that they do it.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.


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