VIDEO: Keith Urban Grants Fan’s Last Dying Wish At Her Bedside

Keith Urban Grants Fan’s Last D.ying Wish At Her Bedside. Keith Urban is undoubtedly one of the most respected and kindest musicians out there.

He may have just outdone himself with his latest act of kindness, though. Marrisa English, 25, has been dealing with a number of health issues including cerebral palsy and scoliosis. Despite this, it was important for her to see Keith Urban live in concert in Toledo, Ohio, which she had tickets for.

However, her health is rapidly deteriorating and she will soon be placed in a hospice. Due to this unfortunate news, she could not participate in the show. Marissa’s nurses started a social media campaign to get the country star to St. Vincent’s Hospital or at least FaceTime with her. He didn’t just do that, he went above and beyond.

Nurse Jan Cassidy knew how important it was for Marissa to see that concert and wanted to take steps to lift the patient’s spirits. “We knew how important it was for Marissa to be at that concert tonight…since she wasn’t able, we were hoping to try to find a way to get Keith to connect with her.”

The country singer eventually saw the messages on social media and took it upon herself to visit the hospital. He spent some time talking with her, and in the evening he sang one of his songs, “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by her bedside, which was one of her favorite Keith Urban songs.

Urban held Marisa’s hand as he serenaded her and it was very clear that she was in awe and so ridiculously happy. One of the hospital nurses posted a video on Facebook with the caption: “Keith Urban visited Marissa and serenaded her at Children’s Hospital tonight. I love that her dream came true because this chick deserves it more than anyone I know!”

Some of Marissa’s family and ICU nurses attended Keith’s concert that night where he mentioned Marissa to the audience. He told his fans that he met “a beautiful girl named Marissa” and that he really thinks she’s “my biggest fan.” He even dedicated the entire show in Toledo to Marissa.

Marissa’s mom shared some funny memories about Marissa’s fascination and admiration for Keith Urban. According to her mother, she has a Keith Urban tour T-shirt wrapped around one of her pillows. “It’s actually nice because she’ll pick up the pillow and hug him and kiss him…she’ll point at him and say ‘Mr. Pretty,” says her mother. We don’t agree!

This just proves that Keith Urban is one of the best and most genuine musicians out there.