Truth Check: YES! Ted Nugent and Kid Rock Crashed Alyssa Milano’s Golden Globes Party

Some things seem too good to be true, and sometimes they are. But not this time! This time, the thing too good to be true is so true we can’t stop laughing. Ted Nugent and Kid Rock showed up at leftist Alyssa Milano’s Golden Globes After-Party and cause quite the ruckus.

That’s the story, and we’ve confirmed it. Milano answered our email and promised she would be suing both Kid and Nugent for emotional distress after half her guests “left in disgust and said they’d never be back.” Milano cried on Instagram for nearly the entirety of the event while the two party crashers kept those who chose to stay entertained.

Matt Damon, who says he was disappointed to not get another crack at Milano, said he almost left until they did Bohemian Rhapsody together on the karaoke machine. “We were impressed with Paradies by the Dashboard Lights, but this…this was magical.” Brian Murphy of Queen has already filed a copyright notice so there are no legal recordings of the event, unfortunately.”

Kevin Sorbo, who wasn’t invited but showed up when he heard about it on Snapchat, wrecked Milano’s Galaga record and reportedly damaged her original Dig Dug machine before being escorted out by John Cena. The night was obviously not what the activist wanted.


Sorry, Allysa Milano. When you play lefty games you have to be ready for ALLOD to do things like this. It’s just how it is now. God bless America.

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