The young waitress was asked to stand by the table and help the guests with something, which ended up by a very surprising moment for her…

The struggling waitress had no idea that her clients were really a band of fictitious “angels.”

It’s challenging to work as a server in the restaurant sector. It’s exhausting to spend a lot of time on your feet satisfying consumer expectations. Furthermore, the salary isn’t really worth mentioning.

Therefore, tips are very appreciated by the diligent individuals who deliver our meals and beverages. Please give them a grin as well.

Recently, a server in Michigan received a sizable tip, and her response was so admirable that we can only be grateful that someone recorded it on camera.

This waitress, Chauncey Pearce, works at the Beltline Bar in Grand Rapids.

Generosity Lunch was the source of her big tip.

Generosity Lunch: What Is It?
Jonathan Mast was the one who founded the group. The purpose of the lunch program is to pleasantly surprise a waiter or waitress with a gratuity.

Everyone who plans to attend the luncheon brings at least $100. Before lunch even begins, all of the money is collected. and once everyone has finished eating and is satisfied, the bill is brought to the table and the food is paid for using the money that was previously gathered.

The tip for the server is the balance of the payment. It’s a lovely way to thank the diligent servers for their job.

Many former waiters and waitresses in this group wish they were still in existence!

So what actually happened was that Chauncey served lunch to 14 residents of West Michigan at Grand Rapids, Michigan’s famed Beltline Bar.

As you can see in the video where they count the food bills, they each brought $100 to the table, and when it came time to pay for lunch, there was a sizable sum left over.

Then came the unpaid bills.
The total raised reached $1,700 thanks to additional anonymous contributions. After paying for lunch, Chauncey received a gratuity of $1,451 and change.

She was so astonished that she had trouble believing it.

Chauncey continued by discussing her issues with rent, but now that she’s found a solution, she’s grateful!

Jayne, one of the viewers, said:

“Those who can afford to do so ought to do so. This is a fantastic idea that even one, two, or three people could do to truly brighten someone’s day. Well done, gang!

Do the math now because, either way you slice it, that’s a big tip!

Whatever else Chauncey was stressing about seemed to be irrelevant at this point. See, servers like her smile at even the tiniest tip, so why should they be given such a large sum of money?

You understand, particularly if you have experience working in a restaurant.

One more viewer, who appeared to be Chauncey’s friend, said:

“You earned it, girl! I assured you that everything will be fine and urged you to maintain your faith. I’m ecstatic for you, girl! And may God bless those who were so generous as to bestow this blessing on my friend! Really, you people are angels.

And she’s totally right. These angels ought to be commended for their generosity and charity.

Watch Chauncey’s reaction in the video here:

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