Texas Mom, 29, Dies 2 Days After Welcoming a Baby Girl: ‘She Was Overjoyed to Become a Mother’

“You’ve got to keep moving forward through the day, but it’s tough,” Camylle Bowen-Ables’ fiancé Kyle Ables says of raising their daughter as a single father

A new mom died unexpectedly two days after giving birth to her daughter last month. Now, her Texas community is rallying to make sure her family will be supported following the loss.

Camylle Bowen-Ables, 29, checked into the hospital a week ahead of her due date, her mother, Amee Bowen, told NBC DFW. “She was ready for it,” she said of her daughter giving birth. “She was ready for her to come.”

Bowen-Ables had a healthy baby named Josephine via Cesarean section on March 23. “She ended up getting induced, and then there were just, a day later or so, complications. And everything changed,” Bowen told the news outlet.

Though the family was thrilled to be able to spend time together with the infant, their joy was short-lived. Within two days of giving birth, Bowen-Ables “crashed” from the complications, according to the NBC affiliate. She died March 25.

The family launched a GoFundMe to help support the her grieving fiancé, Kyle Ables, and newborn daughter. “You’ve got to keep moving forward through the day, but it’s tough. It is tough,” Ables told NBC DFW of how he’s coping with the sudden loss.

“We wanted to make sure we did something for both Kyle and Jojo,” Bowen-Ables’s aunt, Shawnda Vance, told the outlet.

Bowen-Ables’ younger brother, Peyton Bowen, a high-school football player, tweeted about the fundraiser. “Hey everyone, Saturday morning my family and I lost my sister after she gave birth to my niece Josephine Louise,” he wrote. “It’s been a very hard time for everyone who has had a relationship with my sister Camylle.”


“Camylle was a proud new mom, a loving fiancé, a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, and best friend to everyone that had the privilege of knowing her,” the GoFundMe page reads. “She was her brothers’ biggest fan, her moms best friend, and Kyle’s soulmate and better half. She was overjoyed to become a mother and wife, in fact, that’s all she’s talked about for the last 9 months.”

The fundraiser indicates that the money raised will be put towards funeral costs and “future needs for Josephine and Kyle.”

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As of Wednesday afternoon, the page has raised close to $94,000.

“I’ve always said with kids, it takes a village. And with this, you just see how big with your relationships, with the kids’ relationships, they have a huge village and you just didn’t realize how big it was,” Bowen told NBC DWF of the welcome outpouring of support.

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