Sharon Osbourne has been chastised for her new ‘silver fox’ appearance.

Sharon Osbourne has been chastised for her new ‘silver fox’ appearance.

A television personality Sharon Osbourne startled everyone when she ditched her blazing red hair for a white haircut after 18 years. She stated that she was sick of traveling to the salon every week to have her red hair touched up, and that this was a more practical color for her. However, the 67-year-new old’s style has divided admirers, with some urging her to revert to her signature red.

The novelist and businesswoman dyed her hair red for 18 years and declared that she was ready for a change.

She was sick of painting and was like, she can’t do it anymore. She thought to herself why she was trying to do or be what she was, Sharon told “The Talk.”

Celebrity colorist Jack Martin worked on the former AGT judge’s new look for 8 hours.


Having a great day off with this amazing, humble and beloved person, Jack enthusiastically shared on social media about the TV celebrity’s new look.

However, some of Sharon’s followers were not happy with her newly dyed hair. The Talk posted a photo of Sharon on its Instagram page, which received over 18,500 likes and several negative comments.

“I don’t like Sharon’s hair!” “Sorry.. makes it look ancient,” said one person.

Another person said: “I love the chat, I adore Sharon, but I have to be honest, I like you with red hair. Your rebellious demeanor complimented your fiery red hair.”

Sharon’s husband, Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, informed her that her new hair color was “beautiful”.

“The Devil Wears Prada!” Ozzy reportedly noticed.

Let’s hope she continues to rock this beautiful style, which she definitely followed and is more relaxed.


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