Se*uality Expert Says Parents Should Change Diapers Only After Baby’s Consent

She went on to state that naturally, a baby wouldn’t be able to give verbal consent, but that parents should wait after asking and wait for their little ones to present positive body language or make eye contact with their parents.

She states that this will teach their child that their personal responses are noted and matter.

This video clip was shown as a highlight on “Outsiders”, a show on Sky News Australia, one of ABC’s rival channels.

Rowan Dean, who introduced and provided commentary for the clip, called it “leftie lunacy” and used it to take a dig at ABC and their channel.

He added, saying to Ross Cameron, who is his co-host, that it could pose some problems, laughing as he said he wouldn’t go there to discuss it further.

This video starring Dean and Cameron was uploaded on YouTube and soon amassed over 20,000 views.

Around this time, Carson decided to put out a statement through her Facebook in response to her many critics.

She explained that her interview was about the act of teaching consent to young kids.

She also stated that many of her critics had chosen to make fun of her appearance, calling her a lesbian simply because she has pink hair.

She added that many critics laughed at the idea of allowing bodily autonomy to babies.

Carson went on to state that one in seven boys and one in three girls would be victims of se*ual assault before they hit 18 years of age, and one in twelve girls would be victims of se*ual abuse before they even turn 6 years old.

She said that her work involves preventing abuse, teaching young kids their responsibilities and rights, and helps children find people who can help them.

She also expressed that the work she does brings parents to this discussion and keeps in mind their personal family values and cultural values, too.

The educator finished by saying that her trolls were negating abuse survivors’ voices and experiences.

The posted statement garnered mixed replies from readers.

Some reacted positively, saying that Carson was doing great work.

Where do you stand on this practice?

Do you think it’s a good way to teach children about consent?

Do you think it’s complete madness?
Or do you think there’s a balance to be struck?

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