Ramsay Throws Goldberg Out of His Restaurant and…

Anyone who has watched any of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows is aware of his extreme intolerance, especially toward people who are egregiously ignorant. Well, Ms Woefully Ignorant entered Ramsay’s restaurant last week and left very covertly.

Whoopi Goldberg entered his Los Angeles restaurant, the French-inspired Bistro Herown Vagina, and demanded a seat toward the back of the dining room. Whoopi Goldberg is a legendary actress and talk show host for millions of wacko liberals. She was accompanied by Joe Barron, the show’s creator, and co-host Joy Behar.

Ramsay lost his cool when he saw the unruly-haired impresario while he was overseeing the preparation of the special spaghettios al fresco dish.

Does that bloody Goldberg bird belong there? Who among you donkeys allowed her to foul up my establishment? Let’s go!”

When Goldberg became aware of the outburst, he reciprocated.

Hey, that stupid-ass limey cook is here. Why don’t you go back there, Sara Lee, and make me a grilled cheese sandwich?”

That was it for Ramsay, I guess. He stormed over to Whoopie’s table, used his penis to slap the View’s first host silly while keeping his hands on his hips, and yelled as security threw her physically out the front door.

“Leave, leave, leave! You bloody hideous shit sipper, I’m Scottish.

There concludes the story of how Whoopi was expelled from Her Own Vagina. That joke certainly took a while to come around.

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