Pink Joins Sarah McLachlan For A Duet Of “Arms Of The Angel” – So Gripping Crowd Is Left Breathless

One of the most emotionally stirring songs of modern times is Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” Through her soulful, heart-wrenching vocals, she has moved many listeners and fans to tears on her own. When she meets up with another musical powerhouse on stage, the audience goes crazy.

“Angel” is a hit from the late 1990s that stayed on the Billboard Top 100 list for dozens of weeks, and it continues to be a memorable song that brings to mind significant loss to all who hear it.

It was originally written by Sarah MacLachlan as a tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins keyboard player who died of a drug overdose. Because this is a very popular and emotional song about loss, it is commonly played at funeral and memorial services. Sarah MacLachlan recently performed this song on stage for her fans as she normally did. She was seated at a piano, and the lights in the theater were dimmed. Only a beam of light shone down on the singer and the piano.

Because of this and because the audience was so intently focused on the touching lyrics of “Angel,” nobody noticed another musical artist walking slowly across the stage. As the second artist approached the single beam of light shining down on the stage, the audience realized that Pink was present. Both of these musicians are well-known for their powerful voices as well as their intense control, emotion and range. Their voices were perfectly paired to bring even more emotion to an already dramatic song. As the two musicians sang the final notes, there were many teary eyes in the audience.





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