Mom updated 11-year-old prom dress for the purpose of 5-year-old daughter’s daddy-daughter school dance

Lexi Donelson faced a daunting task when it came to finding a suitable and affordable dress for her 5-year-old daughter Sterling’s “daddy-daughter” school dance. However, her creative and sentimental solution has captured the hearts of many on social media.

Donelson remembered her own prom dress from 11 years ago and decided to repurpose it for her daughter’s dance. The turquoise dress had sentimental value, as Donelson loved wearing it for fun and Sterling admired it as “mommy’s Elsa dress.” With the help of her mother, Donelson cut and altered the dress to make it smaller and more suitable for Sterling.

The end result was fantastic, with Sterling absolutely loving her new dress. She wore it not just to the school dance but also frequently thereafter, to the point that the dress’s straps eventually came off. Donelson kept another dress, which she wore to another prom, for Sterling to wear to her own formal dance someday.

Donelson’s TikTok post featuring photos of the father-daughter duo in matching outfits went viral, with over 2.3 million views and over 500k likes. Many were impressed by Donelson’s ingenuity and sentimental gesture. Some even suggested that a piece of the dress could someday be Sterling’s “something blue” for her wedding.

Overall, Donelson’s creative and sentimental solution to finding a dress for her daughter’s school dance has warmed many hearts on social media. It’s a testament to the power of resourcefulness, sentimentality, and the love between a mother and daughter.

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