Mom Criticized After Sharing Kiss With Her Own Daughter On The Lips

It isn’t uncommon for parents and their children to show their love and affection for each other, especially during their formative years when children see their parents as their whole world. Whether parents like it or not, a child’s world grows wider and bigger as they age and meet new people outside their home. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why parents make the most out of their time with their children during their early years and express their affection in many ways.

Some parents know that there will come a time when their children grow up and pursue a life outside the four corners of their home. While it’s different from one parent to another, no one can deny the fact that there are a lot of parents who show their affection by constantly hugging and kissing their children – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when should a parent draw a line? For some people on the internet, there should be a limit to the kind of affection a parent should show toward a child.

In May 2021, a woman who goes by the username @dhruvtaraaggarwal103 on TikTok shared a video with a large text that says, “Kissing Time.” In the video, the mom can be seen kissing her child on the lips repeatedly for 8 seconds while sitting inside a train in Sydney, Australia.

It was probably a video meant to show the love between a mother and her child. Perhaps the mom just wanted to proudly show off the special bond she has with her child. But for some people on the internet, it was too much. Some even put malice on it and said it was as if “making out with the kid” in the video.

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Some were completely baffled as to why the mom would post a video of her kissing her own child that way.

“Sorry, this doesn’t sit right with me. And why post something like this? Are u ok?” one person said. “I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but this just doesn’t seem right,” another person said.

Even moms chimed in and said that even though they kiss their children, while others said that the video made them feel uncomfortable.

“My daughter kisses me on the lips but I would not allow this kind of kissing,” one mom said. “I’m a mom and this made me uncomfortable. I’d never do this with my children,” another mom stated.

But some people even went as far as saying that the cops should be informed about what the mom had done to her kid.

“The police should (definitely get involved here this is not normal or okay?” some people said.

Then again, there were also people who came to the mother’s defense and said that they thought there was completely nothing wrong with the kisses the mom had given to her kid.

“Am I the only one that thinks it’s just lots of tap kisses and not even that weird?” one person remarked. “It only looks weird because it’s slowed down. I give my boys both kiss taps like this, but not slow. Y’all wild,” another person said.

“Sounds like a lot of people weren’t shown love and affection as children from their parents and that’s sad. this is perfectly OK and healthy,” one other person said.

Meanwhile, another person said she couldn’t believe society was making a bond between a mother and a child se xual.

How did you feel about the kissing moment between the mom and her child? Do you agree that moms should not share that kind of kiss with their children? Let us know what you think, and pass this on to people who might find this story interesting!

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