If You Have These Quarters From 1970, You May Get Very Rich

It seems that some of the quarters made in this year have a mistake on them that makes them very valuable to collectors.

The valuable quarters were minted over 1941 Canadian quarters, which means they feature a very small “1941” on the back of the coin, also known as the tails side.
Coin expert Mike Byers explained that this is a proof quarter, which means it was a test piece.
“Proof errors are aggressively sought after by many error collectors,” Byers added, explaining why the coin is worth so much.

Byers himself owns one of these quarters after purchasing it at a California auction.

“There is a significant amount of detail on both sides showing the design of the Canadian Quarter,” he said of the coin.


“This is one of the most fascinating and intriguing proof mint errors ever discovered.”
Byers is the author of a book called “World’s Greatest Mint Errors,” which is worth checking out if you’re curious about flawed coins.

In the meantime, it might be worth going through your couch to see if you have one of these flawed coins yourself!

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