Hannity Files $10 Million Suit Against Stormy Daniels: “She Should Have Left Me Out Of It”

Sean Hannity was not a willing participant in Stormy Daniels’ deception. He never gave in to her obviously false stories or slandered her in any way, either physically or morally or socially.

Then why did the p-0rn star publish a book criticizing him for a role he didn’t play?

It defies logic. Far too often, Hannity has been the subject of Stormy Daniels’ use of the liberal media to disseminate misinformation.

Hannity expressed his displeasure with the comments to Fox News, saying, “She can’t just say things like that about me; it’s not just unethical and im-moral, it also hurts my feelings.”

After shedding a single tear, Hannity changed the subject.

But his attorney Joe Barron couldn’t wait to discuss the lawsuit, expressing his excitement at the prospect of financially crippling the woman who, for the first time in American history, led to the pr-osec-ution of a former president.

“This woman did the unspeakable,” claimed Barron. “She not only thre-atened to squeal that he has a small mushroom pe-nis, but she also made fun of pizzas with little pepperoni pizzas on them. She needs to be deported because of that.

David Avenatti, Daniels’ attorney, is currently serving time for being a jerk. We can’t think of a good way to approach that. But that’s beside the point. I think she moved on to someone else.

Well, patriots, that’s how our legal system operates. Sham-eful.

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