Family And Daughter Of Toby Keith In ‘Horrific’ Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

Krystal Keith, Toby Keith’s daughter, and her family were in a frightening vehicle accident on July 4 that, according to Krystal, “almost took the lives of my entire family.”

Krystal shared the news on Facebook and posted images of the automobile she and her family were traveling in. What appears to have been a direct head-on collision completely demolished the front end.

Fortunately, Keith reports that she and her family are all fine despite the tragic accident that also caused damage to the back end of the white Mercedes station wagon.

She recalls, “Our fourth turned pretty horrific.” “Drew, Hensley, and I were traveling to see the Fourth of July fireworks. My entire family was on the verge of dying because of a drunk driver. Although we all made it through the accident, recovery will take some time.”

She continues, “Hug your spouses and children close, and don’t drink and drive.”

Whiskey & Lace, her debut album, was released in 2013 on Toby Keith’s Show Dog-Universal label by the 31-year-old Keith. Hensley Jack Sandubrae was born to her and her spouse Andrew Sandubrae in October 2015.

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