Denzel Washington Refuses To Work for Disney’s “Woke Cinematic Universe”

Denzel Washington recently disclosed that he declined a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which could have earned him more than $30 million, due to his aversion to what he saw as a “woke” storyline. He revealed that he was offered the role of a major character who would have been portrayed as secretly gay, a concept that did not attract his interest.

Although Washington did not specify which character he was offered, Marvel specialists have narrowed it down to a few options, excluding Thanos or Groot. With Marvel having a diverse range of superheroes, it is impossible to identify which character it could have been. Some enthusiasts even speculated the possibility of a romantic relationship between Agent Carter and Black Widow.

Washington has made it evident that he has no interest in participating in what he perceives to be “woke” storylines. He believes that his abilities are better suited for movies that have the potential to earn accolades, such as his outstanding performance in “Remember the Titans.”

Currently, Washington has 11 awards from the Black Oscars that he has declined to accept, and he proudly displays his three regular Oscars on top of his refrigerator. You may share this news with your friends on social media to appreciate Denzel’s stand.

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