Dad saves his daughter’s life by life-saving transplant

The son of Karen Rhodes and Paul Rybkin lived only 36 hours due to a rare disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). This disease can cause kidney failure due to cysts that grow in the kidneys.

The two were very happy when they became parents again in 2013, but unfortunately, Maddy was born with the same disease as her brother.  The two parents were very worried and were trying to find a solution so that their daughter could live a long and happy life. They did not accept that this disease could take their second child. After two years of fighting, Maddy’s father managed to give her a chance at life.

In the first year and a half of her life, Maddy spent most of her time surrounded by doctors. She also needed tubes to breathe and oxygen treatments. The girl’s stomach was always swollen from the disease.

All of these things made Maddy powerless, always sleepy and vomiting all the time. Doctors have begun to worry that they will not be able to find a kidney donor and Maddy will die.

Fortunately, the doctors announced the family that the girl’s father is suitable as a donor.

Karen, Maddy’s mother, was very worried about her husband and daughter, who were about to have surgery.

Fortunately, the operation was successful for Paul and Maddy and Paul managed to save his daughter.

Karen said that now Maddy is a girl full of energy, full of life. She also added that now Maddy is a happy and healthy 2-year-old child and her stomach is normal, only slightly rounded.

Paul is very happy that he was able to save his second child, but he knows that he did what any parent would have done for his child in a situation like this.

“I am very happy that now we have a healthy child, who is enjoying life. We went through a lot of feelings and hard events, but we succeeded to overcome them. Any father would have done the same thing as me, if this way he could save his baby “Paul said, according to The Mirror.

Her parents can’t wait to see how Maddy will grow up as a normal person, especially since the little girl was able to get over the moments when she was sick and now she plays with her friends.

Doctors said Maddy will need another kidney transplant in 25 years, but parents are enjoying the moment and are confident that their daughter will be able to cross this barrier as well.

We hope that this family will be happy together and enjoy each other.

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