Cute photo shows toddler sprinting to her firefighter dad: ‘She had the biggest grin from ear-to-ear’

Parents are viewed as role models by their children. They imitate their parents’ conduct, and occasionally they even pursue the same job path, particularly if they had the chance to watch their parents in action as children.

The internet is going crazy over a cute picture of a firefighter’s kid racing up to him after he handled a work crisis well. Captain Dave Colson has 20 years of experience with the Glendale Fire Department in Arizona. On January 15, his kids got to witness their father for the first time.

A natural gas leak that occurred on the block where Colson and his family reside was attended to by a team he led. He said of his four kids, “proud kids that day.”

He noticed that his wife and kids were present as they managed the leak, which was allegedly minimal. “We were just sitting out front talking,” he said to GMA, “when I looked down the street, my wife and the kids were playing outside in the front yard.” We completed everything we were working on, and after that, Colson continued, “I just started walking down the street to go say hi.”

He then noticed Jenna, his 2-year-old daughter, rushing in his direction while only wearing a diaper. The incident was caught on camera by Colson’s wife, who later posted it to the Glendale Fire Department’s Facebook page. It quickly went viral.

However, Jenna’s expression as she ran his way with her arms wide for a hug was all that mattered to Colson at that that second. Colson remarked, “The picture is great, but seeing her face running is just an amazing view to have.” She was racing with her arms out in front of her while sporting the largest grin from ear to ear.

He continued, “She’s a ball of energy and excitement because she’s a fourth child in a very active family that has a lot of fun.” She’s usually upbeat, laid-back, and a lot of fun. Additionally, Jenna was described by Colson as a “2-year-old who loves her family.” The four children Colson has, who range in age from 2 to 8, all adore what he does for a career. They were thrilled to see it happening in real time on the street for once, according to Colson. “When I got home from work, they questioned me about everything that was going on,”

He was touched by the comments left on the social media post. Many people congratulated Colson on Facebook for his efforts as a firefighter and for setting an excellent example for his children. In the article, Priscilla Luttinen wrote, “When Daddy Needs a Hug!!! Herein is the true meaning of life and family. “This should be blown up to a huge poster,” Susan Badger said. She’s adorable, but check out her father’s smile! All of the firefighters deserve praise. And thank you, Captain, for everything you do, especially for being a wonderful father. “Well done, Captain Colson,” Dermot Brady said. Family time should always be prioritized, especially for the younger members. From Ireland’s Donegal County Fire Service, a warm welcome to the whole Glendale Fire Department.

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