Couple learns Denny’s waitress walks 14 miles a day for work, so she decides to help

We frequently overlook the power of a random act of kindness in a world plagued by cynicism and inwardness.
These instances demonstrate that, as humans, it is only natural for us to care about one another, as these small acts may have a large impact on our communities.

Every day, a young waitress in Galveston, Texas, walks nearly fourteen kilometers.
She’s shed 25 pounds in only a few weeks thanks to her four-hour treks. But she’s not doing it to lose weight or meet the daily step requirement that most fitness trainers would expect of you. She’s doing it because she has to pay her expenses.

Adrianna Edwards is a Denny’s employee. And in order to get to work on time, she had to get up a couple of hours earlier and leave a couple of hours later. This is after a long shift as a waitress, when she is always on her feet.

It was here that she met a nice pair. The couple learned about Edwards’ daily struggles while eating breakfast. She indicated that she was putting money aside to buy a car. After she has the automobile, she will be able to work more hours and send herself to college.

The pair were moved by her story and decided to help the diligent girl.
After eating, the wife requested more ice cream, which Edwards gladly provided. Edwards had no idea she was about to receive the finest surprise she’d ever received.

The pair returned to the diner a few hours later. They weren’t seeking more ice cream since they were looking for her this time.

A key was in their grasp. After leaving the meal, they went to the Historic Galveston Car Group on Broadway Street and bought a 2011 Nissan Sentra. They gave her the key, unaware of how profoundly it would affect her life.

According to Edwards, the offer was too good to be true.
There were no strings attached when the pair gifted her a new automobile. Edwards assumed she was being pranked because it was so implausible.

“I was like, ‘Pranks are cool and everything,’” she told ABC 13. “But this one is a little brutal.”


This is more than simply an automobile for her. That was a gateway to higher prospects. And if the present vanishes once she wakes up, it will undoubtedly shatter her heart.

“When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was glance out my window. Check to see if it’s real or if I imagined it.” She went on to say.

The automobile remained parked.

And her desire to attend college is still alive and well. Instead of saving for a car, she might now begin saving for her education. Her “commutes,” which used to take her around 4 hours, were reduced to 30 minutes. This means she’ll have more time to recuperate and invest in herself.

They had a key in their hands. They left the restaurant and headed to Historic Galveston Car Group on Broadway Street to purchase a 2011 Nissan Sentra. They gave her the key, not realizing how much it would change her life.

The offer, according to Edwards, was too good to be true.
When the couple gave her a new car, there were no strings attached. Because it was so unlikely, Edwards felt she was being pranked.

“I was like, ‘Pranks are nice and everything,’” she told ABC 13. “But this one is a touch harsh.”

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