Construction halted on Jeff Bezos’ megamansion as net worth drops by $57B

Construction has been halted on Jeff Bezos’ Beverly Hills megamansion as his application to expand the property in excess of 15,000 square feet is pending approval, The Post has learned.

An initial application for a Hillside R-1 Permit was submitted in 2021, but denied on the technical basis of incompletion.

It was later approved until Bezos, 59, submitted a new request to add a “game court fence with lighting,” filed in January of this year, project records show.

Jeff Bezos’ attempt to begin construction on his $165 million home has been halted pending permit approval.
But the Amazon founder’s application was once again denied on the basis of incompletion.

“Now he submits a new application for a different scope on that construction, and he can’t build with the scope associated with the request,” senior city council planner Judy Gutierrez told The Post.

“The Hillside R-1 Permit submitted in January 2023 has not been scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing,” Gutierrez added, which means renovations will remain on hold indefinitely until a hearing is set.

Bezos’ initial 2021 application, which scored city planning approval last April, submitted requests to build a new pool house, a powder room and retaining walls — adding around 1,000 square feet to the 28,000-square-foot mansion.

The home’s previous owner, film and music industry magnate David Geffen, 80, had obtained permits to allow the maximum allowable floor area to exceed 15,000 square feet, but not beyond that.

“The maximum allowable floor area would be 69,139 square feet,” according to a report from the Beverly Hills planning commission.

Photos obtained by The Post show aerial shots of the home in a standstill, with construction equipment on the ground but no workers.

It’s located in Beverly Hills.
Diggzy/Jesal /
The Post has reached out to Bezos’ reps for comment.

Bezos dropped $165 million for the nearly 10-acre property back in 2020.

But the move doesn’t seem to impact his latest blow, which showed that the founder, executive chairman, and former president and CEO of Amazon’s net worth dropped $57 billion last year.

That was due to a 38% drop in Amazon’s stock price as of March 10.

Known as the legendary Jack Warner Estate after the former president of Warner Bros. Entertainment., the $165 million deal set a Los Angeles record until Marc Andreessen beat out Bezos’ record, paying $177 million for a sprawling 7-acre Malibu compound in 2021.

A closer-up shot of the construction process.

Bezos bought the property for nine figures in 2020.
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Previously, the title went to media executive Lachlan Murdoch, who paid $150 million for the Bel-Air estate known as “Chartwell,” which served as the Clampett residence in the popular 1960s TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

The compound today includes a three-story main house, a guest house, gym, a pergola and a security guard house.

The new pool house will be around 697 square feet in size. The powder room will be below ground.

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