Boy performed CPR that he learned on TV to save his mother after a traffic accident

During an otherwise ordinary day, a devastating car accident unfolded, involving a woman riding an electric bicycle who was rendered unconscious. Her young son bore witness to the harrowing event and sprang into action, leaving those around him, including his father, at a loss for words with his remarkable response.

A young boy named Wu found himself in a distressing situation that no child should have to experience. His beloved mother had been knocked off her bike by a car, leaving her lying on the ground at a bustling intersection with an uncertain future.

Overcome with worry and fear, the determined child was unsure if his mother would pull through, as her injuries appeared severe. Nevertheless, he took action and did everything he could think of to help.

With his mother’s life hanging in the balance, the young boy acted swiftly and decisively.
On what seemed like an ordinary day, Wu’s mother was en route to pick him up, when suddenly, life took a dramatic turn. Witnessing the accident, Wu wasted no time and rushed to his mother’s aid.

Despite lacking any formal medical training, he immediately began performing chest compressions in a desperate attempt to save her life. Surprisingly, Wu had learned CPR from an unexpected source – television.

The boy’s father, stunned by his son’s quick thinking and resourcefulness, shared:

“My son is nine years old, and we never taught him CPR. He picked it up on his own from television.”

Unfortunately, despite Wu’s valiant efforts, his mother did not regain consciousness.
A bystander happened to capture the 2022 accident on video, documenting the scene and capturing Wu’s courageous actions. In the footage, the woman could be seen lying on the ground at a bustling intersection.

Wu desperately tried to get his mother’s attention, repeatedly calling out “mom, mom,” but there was no response. Despite his earnest efforts, his mother remained unconscious, with a visible head wound.

Displaying remarkable care, Wu even opened an umbrella to shield his mother from the sun as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. However, even when the emergency vehicle finally appeared, Wu’s mother had not regained consciousness. Nevertheless, the determined child kept reassuring his loved one, saying:

“Mom, you’ve got to hang in there!”

Throughout the ordeal, the unwavering child never left his mother’s side.
Fortunately, the woman regained consciousness just as medical personnel swiftly transported her to the hospital, with her brave son right by her side.

Ambulance driver Yang recounted that throughout the nerve-wracking ride, the boy never left his mother’s side, constantly calling out to her and offering words of comfort.

The family’s world had been completely upended in an instant, and they were left clinging to hope and praying for a miracle with all their strength.

The boy’s father shared with the press that his beloved wife had suffered life-threatening injuries in the accident and was currently recovering in the hospital.

Online Support for the Young Hero
The harrowing experience shed light on the urgent need for improved education and training on CPR. Many netizens expressed the belief that widespread knowledge of safety measures could significantly contribute to better emergency response in similar situations.

Amidst the online community, praises for Wu resounded, with many in awe of the young child’s composure and ability to extend a helping hand in such a critical moment:

In the midst of the overwhelming shock of the ordeal, the boy’s remarkable courage and quick thinking deeply moved the hearts of many, inspiring them to be prepared for emergencies.

As we reflect on this powerful story, let us all be reminded of the significance of staying calm in the face of adversity and taking action when confronted with challenging situations. May we draw inspiration from this brave young boy and strive to emulate his extraordinary bravery!

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